Hildebrant Farms

We offer a small CSA- community supported agriculture, which is basically a "share"  of the  fresh produce that we grow  throughout the season.  Our csa is very small, 20 members, and these members will get the best of what we have to offer.  Sometimes we have  limited supply of different veggies and the csa members are the first to receive them.  

Our season starts the beginning of July and runs for a total of 15 weeks, ending early October.  

We offer two different size shares, the regular share is $300 per season.  It is enough fruit and veggies for a couple of hungry veggie lovers or a small family.  The large share is family size or for someone who wants to freeze or do some canning of  the harvest.   The large share is $500 for the season , which is 15 weeks of delicious harvest.

The variety of vegetables in the box will change over the course of the season.  We try to grow some different veggies, but we definitely grow alot of the staples.  Trying a csa gives you a chance to experience eating  what is in season and it is inspiring to try new recipes with the changing  harvest.

We are happy to answer all of your questions, please give us a call at

701-281-1539 or you can email at trinakalm@hotmail.com